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Get 1 Year Warranty on HP Rack Servers Refurbished in India

Are you looking for the most affordable server to modernize your datacenter? Look no further than the refurbished HP rack servers we have available. They are resilient, flexible, and software-defined servers that can handle a variety of workloads. Rack-optimized and certified servers guarantee higher performance. These servers are genuine HP brands and have been tested at various levels. Refurbished HP rack servers are half the price of new server. You can get a higher discount if you purchase it from server basket. Also, you will receive tech support and installation support for a 1-year period.

Large Selection of Genuine Refurb HP Rack Servers

We are familiar with the various business requirements and industry standards, so we have a variety of HP rack servers in stock. Our servers will allow you to create an agile infrastructure that supports software-defined intelligence. Rack servers available starting at HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant ProLiant HP ProLiant HP ProLi You can also choose from different generation servers depending upon your business needs.

Select Configuration as Per Requirement

Our HP rack servers are reliable, flexible, and optimized for performance. You can choose from 1U, 2U, or 4U rack server options. You can choose from a variety of processor types, memory capacities, RAID Card, Ethernet Card, and storage drives. We will help you find the right server for your needs and budget by asking you about the applications that you need.

High Quality, Intensively Tested Grade-A Quality Servers

Our HP rack servers are of Grade A quality and offer unparalleled optimization, automation, security features. Servers are often used, so they undergo rigorous refurbishment. The servers undergo a stringent refurbishment that includes multi-level testing on different parameters. The faulty components are then replaced with high-quality ones during the testing process. Our refurbished servers offer a longer service life and superior performance.

Ideal for testing applications:

Refurbished HP Rack servers are perfect for testing applications in ASP.Net and VB.Net++, Core Java, C++, powerbuilder, Core Java, VB, VB++, Core Java. This server is highly efficient and can perform many tests including user interface, manual support, functionality, compatibility load, scalability and stress testing. Measure the performance of your applications using various metrics, such as transfer speed, execution times, and processing time.

Save Money:

Our refurbished HP servers offer huge performance and lower prices. The servers come with the best management features and the most recent technology. They are well worth the price. What sets us apart from other retailers? We offer additional discounts on refurbished server MRP which makes our prices very competitive and lower than the market.

Installation assistance is free

You will also enjoy many service benefits thanks to our highly efficient and affordable servers. One of these benefits is free installation assistance. You can reach us immediately after you receive your server to get immediate installation assistance. Our team includes the best engineers and technicians who will install your HP Rack server. We also offer live demos once the installation is complete.

24 Hour Expert Tech Support

Our exceptional service support is what makes us stand out. We are available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues you may have and you call also. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you and solve your problems. You will have 100% server uptime with us

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