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09 Jun Alternatives to Credit Cards in India | Card security Management
Sushma 0 194702
Credit cards may be a good option for people to enjoy alternate cash or finance while shopping. The technology has also given way for people to steal money with the help of online hacking. It is neces..
08 Jun 10 Kinds of Strategy consulting IT consultation
Sushma 0 113
10 Kinds of consulting projectsBelow are 10 distinct kinds of consulting tasks such as Strategy consulting, IT consultation and so on. Together with example functions in each class where applicable.1...
07 Jun 10 Greatest E-commerce marketplaces in India
Sushma 1 167
E-commerce Marketplace at which Buyer and Seller join through the World Wide Web. It is regulated by the Website owner and enables the third person to create awareness for their goods or services. Bas..
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