Are you planning to buy server to your present but are short on Price? Do you need scalable, high-performing server that are affordable for small businesses or startups, a Server is the place to start your search. We offer used servers in all forms for sale at discounted rates. These servers come from top brands like Dell, HP, and IBM and have their brand names and high quality. They also include advanced features that can be used for any kind of workload.

 Pre-configured systems are available, as well as the option to customize the system according to your requirements. Our servers are older and have been thoroughly tested by ISVs. They are just as reliable, stable, flexible, and secure as the new servers. These servers are affordable and a great choice for startups and SMBs who don't have the funds to purchase new servers. These servers are covered by an assured seller warranty and come with free technical support from our engineers 24/7. We are well-known for our safe and prompt delivery to all parts of India.


Refurbished Server | Refurbprice

Multiple Servers from Top Brands

We offer an extensive selection of servers from leading brands such as Dell, IBM HP, Cisco and Sun. This selection will allow you to choose the right server for your company. These powerful servers are high-performing and include certified spare parts that have been tested and certified. These servers feature powerful processors, impressive memory and storage capacities, advanced GPUs, network capabilities, and high-quality spare parts.

Preconfigured and custom-made solutions For Office

You can get both pre-configured and customized solutions from our vast collection of older servers. You can have your server custom-built by us if the pre-configured systems don't meet your needs. We will customize your server based on your requirements and business. This includes adding or changing the operating system, bandwidth, and hardware.

The Best Startup Choice at Low Price - Grow Business 

You may be starting a new business or a startup and want to cut costs. Our older servers are the best choice for you. These servers will be cheaper than new servers, but they will still deliver the same performance as new servers. They offer optimal server performance while saving money.

Top ISVs Tested and Certified - 2021

Our servers have been tested on multiple levels to ensure that they are of the highest quality and perform well. These servers have been certified by some of the most respected Independent Software Vendors. These certifications and tests ensure that mission-critical applications run smoothly and reliably on these servers. ISV-certified servers provide optimal performance and an enhanced user experience.

Tech Support Available 24/7 only refurbprice

You don't have to do it all yourself after purchasing these servers. Refubrprice Support 24/7 to help you with any team is available technical problems. Contact our support team via whatsapp, phone, or live chat if you have any problems with the installation or setup of your server. They will quickly address your concerns and help you to find solutions.

The best offer from seller warranty only refurbprice

Server seller warranty covers all our servers. This guarantees that the servers and any parts they contain are genuine and free from faults. If the server is not working properly, you can request a free repair or replacement. We do not deliver servers that have not been tested and verified. However, if there is a problem with the server or hardware, we will provide repair or replacement within the warranty period.

India Fast and Safe Delivery, Warranty

Our delivery process is known for its safety and speed. We will deliver your server fast and safely to any Indian location. We will ensure that your server arrives within three to four days after you place your order. We can expedite delivery for urgent orders. We pack your server in tamper-proof packaging to ensure it arrives intact.